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Disruptive Mobile Commerce Solutions

Over 62% of smartphone owners have bought something over their device. The statistics indicate that mobile commerce is no longer an option for business sustainability; it’s an essential.

Our mobile commerce solutions are a disruptive digital FinTech answer to create a new market and value network. It offers a broad range of simple, seamless transaction capabilities to give your customers more value than they get from cash alone. 

It is bank, network, device and age agnostic.

Disruptive Mobile
Commerce Solutions

Key Features

Offers many opportunities for increased profit; both for connecting with new audiences and allowing your brand to expand market share as you gain insight around the behavior of your customers.


  • Global reach: Our mobile commerce solutions have global reach, allowing brands to enter markets they would never have had the opportunity to consider previously. It’s estimated that two-thirds of the adults in the world will own smartphones by the end of 2020. This large user base offers a lot of potential sales leads for brands.
  • Better data: Mobile commerce provides brands with better consumer data, as it’s part of the entire purchase process. In a traditional retail setting, the consumer comes into the store, makes a purchase, and leaves. Little insight is provided as to why they make the purchase. With mobile commerce however, brands can connect with these consumers from the moment of discovery all the way through purchase, giving the brand access to valuable signals of purchase intent which the business can use to grow their offerings.
  • Rapid expansion: Mobile commerce allows brands to avoid common market saturation issues by changing their slant and focus to differentiate themselves from competitors. As new markets open and are discovered, brands are exposed to greater sales opportunities.
  • Scalability: Through mobile commerce, brands are better able to scale everything from inventory to marketing. For example, they can increase their mobile app marketing when consumer interest spikes and downscale when interest wanes.
  • Targeted timing: Mobile commerce allows brands to reach consumers at the right time, whether they’re browsing for an item in the evening or shopping in a store during a lunch break. Geotracking technology and programmatic advertising help brands connect with these consumers in those moments before a purchase decision, increasing the likelihood that the purchase will be completed.

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