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Credit Profiling (Real Time) Solution

Without data about the current credit performance of a new customer, your business could waste a lot of time dealing with prospects who don’t have a good track record of paying. 

This is very risky and puts the finances of your business at risk, not to mention the wastage of time and resources in dealing with prospects who are considered time wasters.

The most effective way to avoid wasting the time of your resources, is by simply looking at the credit profile of any new prospects to get an overall picture of their credit history and behaviour.

With credit profiling, you can gauge their ‘creditworthiness’ and financial health. 

Credit profiling allows your company to see whether they have defaulted on loans, or failed to honour financial agreements, giving you the information you need to make the right decisions of whether to trade with a prospect or not, before any deals are signed and sealed.

Credit profiling is based on the notion that “past performance predicts future behavior.” For instance, the information in a prospect’s credit profile can show a bank whether this potential customer pays bills on time plus the amount agreed upon, and how much credit they rely on every month.

Credit Profiling
(Real Time) Solution

Key Features

Many mobile money providers launch innovative mobile credit products, and this is a great  opportunity for them to increase customer loyalty and drive mobile money product usage by offering loan products, but there are two substantial issues with this opportunity, and our credit profiling technology overcomes these barriers:

  1. Lack of credit information of un- and under- banked communities.
  2. High customer acquisition fees.


  • Smart data science: Our solutions address the greatest problem of non-payment by applying various methodologies and data science technologies to gather information on an optimal profile and score.
  • Integrates easily: Our FINTECH credit profiling solution integrates seamlessly with your existing credit profiling platforms to provide results via a ‘white label’ mobile app.
  • Real time results:  The technology provides real time results.
  • Reduces risk: Credit profiling reduces the risk to your business of trading with companies or people who won’t pay.

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