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Advanced KYC

Advanced KYC Solution

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is a basic KYC process where customer’s data such as proof of identity and address is gathered and used to evaluate the customer’s risk profile. 

Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) is an advanced KYC procedure for high-risk customers.

Key Features

Our advanced KYC solution offers a rules-driven, risk-based approach to KYC compliance that efficiently focuses resources on higher risk clients to achieve compliance with evolving AML/CTF legislation and ensure a timely and efficient client onboarding.

In addition, it automates risk-scoring processes throughout the lifetime of the client, minimizing overall risk to your institution.


  • Shows why an account is being set up: Our advanced KYC solution enables an understanding of the true nature and purpose of the account being set up. It gives your business a clear view of the size of risk presented to your institution from a financial, regulatory and reputational perspective.
  • Full KYC compliance: Our advanced KYC technology lowers the cost of ownership with a flexible solution that can be adapted to respond to a changing regulatory environment. Its available as a standalone module that offers comprehensive features and is fully customizable to ensure full KYC compliance.

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