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Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance

The Revenue Assurance module provides an automated, auditable solution for Mobile Financial Services (MFS) providers who perform mobile call data collection and processing for auditing purposes. This process is performed continuously with the primary aim of revenue calculation and reporting.

Key Features

  • Provides access to data via the CDRlive reporting web interface, or direct access to the database using standard SQL.
  • Identifies different types of accounts (subscribers or ledger), and different types of transactions (subscribers or merchants/vendors).
  • Supports e-mail alerting to designated personnel.
  • Supports multiple file types, including ASN.1, Binary fixed width, ASCII delimited, ASCII fixed width and XML.


  • Uses secure encryption methodology when data is in transit, and in storage.
  • Integrates with existing designs and architecture with minimal configuration changes, and shows ROI quickly because of the easy implementation.
  • Enables informed decision-making due to insights into emerging trends.
  • Provides audit, trace and logging functionality to review the processing accuracy of the system at any time.
  • Automatically provides reconciliation and validation of data.

How it works

Enabling the Telco market to manage profitability over the complete customer lifestyle

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