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Rapid Report

CDRlive’s RapidReport module is a whole new way of leveraging CDRlive. It takes advantage of the rapidly growing ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) or cloud approach, where business applications are licensed under a subscription model, deployed off-site, and accessed remotely via a secure network connection.

Key Features

  • Provides a subscription-type solution to operators.
  • Provides remote access to operators via a secure network connection.


  • Eliminates upfront IT constraints or investments.
  • Reduces the time before operators see a Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Provides operators with two pricing options (Pay As You Go (PAYG) for the ad hoc or once off requests, or the Monthly Subscription), which makes the RapidReport module a highly affordable resource.

Enabling the Telco market to manage profitability over the complete customer lifestyle

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