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Interconnect is a stand-alone module that works in conjunction with CDRlive to generate reports on interconnect partners (other operators sharing telecommunications traffic). Basically, the Interconnect module is an enhanced Revenue Assurance tool.

Key Features

  • Runs standard reports by time period, using pre-defined filters.
  • Runs customized reports using newly-created filters.
  • Extracts CDRs from the report, and exports data to an Excel file for further analysis.
  • Allows users to group reports by partner.
  • Allows users to run, add or edit a report, a report section, report data groups and report sub-sections using the report setup screen.


  • Provides a vital revenue assurance function, whereby the network operator can verify and validate numbers, and totals of shared traffic.
  • Provides evidence in the form of customizable interconnect reports for all shared traffic events.
  • Supplies relevant information based on selected filters, for selected months, which, after analysis, allows operators to make timeous decisions in terms of the viability of an interconnect partner.

How it works


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