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CDRlive is a carrier-grade solution that extracts, transforms and loads all CDR data into a robust, highly scalable data warehouse. It includes a unique set of Telco‑specific data models and specialized analysis and reporting functions. It has been designed to cater for high volume, massively complex telecommunications network data.

Key Features

  • All applications run through a common framework, which simplifies installations, operations, and upgrades.
  • Provides greater agility where embedded rule sets replace the need for time-consuming code changes.
  • Auditability provides clear and precise tracking of all files and event records.
  • CDRlive delivers an open architecture that is engineered for compatibility.


  • The CDRlive framework provides each application with the same methods and functions, thus providing consistency in all task executions and reducing future application development time.
  • Greater consistency means that any functionality added to the CDRlive Framework is automatically made available across all applications within it.
  • Quality testing is optimized because all application development is done in the form of Borland Package Libraries (BPLs).

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