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Corporate Customer Self-Service Portal

lgr logo starcare
is a user-friendly and effective Customer Self-Service application for Smartphone and Tablets users which was specifically developed to offer Mobile Operators and subscribers an effective means of interaction.

The application allows the users to access information regarding their account, their operator services, the latest promotions, any notifications and also offers a platform to provide feedback to the operator. All information is displayed in a simple, convenient and dynamic manner including location-specific maps.

With the uptake of Smartphone and Tablets, all mobile operators have to become part of their subscribers’ lifestyle and introducing StarCare is a great way to do so. The system helps to create a multi-dimensional relationship between the operator and the user, improving the communication and service offered. This tool is also helpful to receive and act upon customer’s feedback as well as to measure promotion success and get an insight to the customers’ preferences.

Key Features

  • Balance Enquiry
    • Check Airtime Balance
    • Check Data Bundle Balance
    • Check SMS Bundle
    • Manage VAS
  • Load Recharge Vouchers
  • Purchase Data Bundles
  • Locate Dealers
  • Mobile Money
  • Promotions
    • Current Deals
    • New Services
    • Customized Solutions
    • The user can request to be contacted about a certain promotion
    • Operator is in full control of the content displayed. Own products or partners can be advertised
  • Notifications
    • Operator can send custom message to the subscribers
  • Feedback
    • The user is able to provide feedback to the network via the application
    • The feedback consists of a list of positive and negative options provided by the Operator

How it works

StarCare is the customer’s smartphone/tablet portal into the network. As such, it is designed to connect to all back-end network elements that can provide and enhance the self-service experience.

  • USSD Gateway
  • Prepaid bundle/voucher query, loading and
  • Transfer HLR query
  • Customer service fault reporting VAS subscription management
  • Mobile Money payments, transfers IN Service integration
  • Marketing initiatives SMSC integration
  • Mail integration
  • Application can be use on Smart Phone, IOS, Android, Blackberry, Tablet


  • Improvement of Customer Experience
  • Eases the overall interaction between subscriber and Operator
  • Improvement of network quality through customer feedback
  • Measurement of success of promotions
  • Reduction of number of queries with call center
  • Customization of menu items, options and branding is possible
  • Multi-language Support