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Value Add Services

How VAS Supports Digital Transformation In the Telecom Industry

Progressive Telecom companies offer VAS (Value Added Services) over and above their core products and services. These services are just that – value add. In this article, we’ll discuss VAS and how it supports digital transformation, but first, let’s provide some context: Telecoms under pressure With fierce competition, the rise of over-the-top communication apps such as SMS, […]

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What is VAS?

The speed of current technological breakthroughs has no historical precedent. The fourth industrial revolution is disrupting most, if not all industries, but is presenting more urgency within telecommunications, and if companies are to survive, they must focus and cater to the consumer. It is critical for telcos to offer more and be better than the next guys;

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value added services

Value Added Services (Ultimate Guide)

For many in the telecommunications sector, Value Added Services are driving revenue and profitability. These services add more value to the customer base and, in return, enhance customer loyalty, reduce churn and create new revenue streams. In this competitive and saturated market, Value Added Services is the dividing factor between business growth,  success, and falling

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mvno trends

MVNO Trends 2020: Market Growth

Digital transformation is the buzzword currently on everyone’s mind. The move towards digital has created a shift in how businesses need to operate, and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are no different. This shift has resulted in significant growth in the market, which has had a knock-on effect that is driving innovation and transformation in

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network function virtualization

What is Network Function Virtualization?

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) offers network operators a new way of building complex IT applications and taking them to market faster.  The two key aspects of NFV are: Service chaining: multiple virtualized network functions (VNFs) are used in sequence to build more complex network services. Orchestrating: to support multiple VNFs, the network must be able

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SDN vs NFV: Why These Are The Key Components To Modernized Networks

SDN vs NFV – while neither requires the other to work, they are key components to a modernized netwrok which compliment each other. The growth of IoT, the implementation of 5G, a recognition to offer more VAS, plus an ever increasing number of devices and applications need to be connected to the network, forcing telecom

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