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Adapt IT - Telecoms

Adapt IT – Telecommunications Software Solutions

Advanced telecommunications solutions that understand, enhance and anticipate your business needs.


Providing your corporate customers with shared resources like directory services, identity management and credential validation.

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Enhancing customer experience with interactive operational dashboards, digitization, optimization, reporting, and expense and usage management tools.

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Taking basic services like USSD, SMS, Bulk SMS, and elevating them to simple, easy-to-use, essential tools.

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Experience financial freedom with our secure solutions, including the money wallet, AML module, MFS analytics and financial integration. These solutions are easily implemented and compatible with most financial institutions.

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Administrate all your mobile assets and resources from a simple, single, integrated platform.

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Improve your business processes by tracking your high-value customers, following emerging trends, exploring revenue, data health and more.

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Adapt IT | Telecoms will take you from Telco Player to Telco Giant.

Latest Telecom Insights

We regularly post insightful and informative articles around the telecoms industry, giving you some great insight and actionable advice. View our latest articles below.

Security Concerns In The Telecoms Industry

Play The Global Fraud Loss Survey found that in 2016, the telecommunications industry suffered $38.1 billion in fraudulent charges. The core infrastructure and the large volumes of personal data that telecoms hold mean that this industry is particularly vulnerable to malicious attacks. Telecoms companies are more susceptible to security concerns because of their interconnected nature [...]

The Best Way to Leverage Your Data Lake

Play Data is at the heart of all effective digital transformation, and telco transformation is key to staying competitive in the disruptive telecom industry. Data is a vital component that generates intelligent, improved decision-making by empowering business users to base transformation not on gut feelings, hypotheses, or assumptions, but on facts. Telcos have seen the [...]

Kenya: At The Forefront Of Telecommunications

Play In Kenya, modernization is squashing old ways of doing business, and smart millennials are at the forefront of the transformation. Skilled developers and programmers work to accelerate innovation across the country to build cutting-edge telecommunication solutions birthed from the country’s challenges. Kenya learned that ICT has the potential to mobilize the country out of [...]

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