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Adapt It Telecommunications

Telecommunications Software Solutions

Advanced telecommunications solutions that understand, enhance and anticipate your business needs.

Know Your Customer

Providing your corporate customers with shared resources like directory services, identity management and credential validation.

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Customer Experience

Enhancing customer experience with interactive operational dashboards, digitization, optimization, reporting, and expense and usage management tools.

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Value Add Services

Taking basic services like USSD, SMS, Bulk SMS, and elevating them to simple, easy-to-use, essential tools.

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Mobile Money Solution

Experience financial freedom with our secure solutions, including the money wallet, AML module, MFS analytics and financial integration. These solutions are easily implemented and compatible with most financial institutions.

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Internet Of Things

Administrate all your mobile assets and resources from a simple, single, integrated platform.

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Improve your business processes by tracking your high-value customers, following emerging trends, exploring revenue, data health and more.

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